Welcome to Diamond Hill Paintball

Oregon’s Premier Paintball Field


A Sport the Whole Family Can Play… Together

Diamond Hill Paintball Park is a outdoor paintball facility. Centrally located between the Corvallis/Albany and Eugene/Springfield Oregon areas. Whether you have been playing for years or it’s your first time, our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you with all your paintball needs. If you’re having problems with your gear or just want to learn more about one of todays most exciting sports on one of our fields they will be able to help.

We have covered tables that allow you to keep out of the weather. We are open all year round mainly open on the weekends we but will open the fields up to groups 10+ at anytime. Paintball is very fun and can be played by anyone over the age of 10. Come come join us for a day fun playing paintball!

Rec Ball

A game of strategy played on a outdoor obstetrical course.  There are many types of games that a group can play.  Presedent, capture the flag, zombie and Hunger games to name a few.  In rec ball you can have the entire family playing at once.  It is the type of sport that levels the playing field for big or small, young or old.

Speed Ball

A game in which the playing field is composed of bunkers, of the same location and number on each side of the field, that provide an equal playing field for each team competing. It was created in this way to give a better format for competitive paintball, both in playing and viewing the games.

50 Caliber

Low velocity for the younger crowd.  This smaller paintball fired at a lower velocity is great for kids 7 to 70.  Same games can be played with the low velocity as are with standard paintballs.

Special Events

Our popular Zombie Maze, NW Rumble, Super Game and other local events happening within the paintball industry.


What clothes should I wear?
How old do you have to be to play?
Does it hurt when I get hit?
Is paintball safe?
Can we have a private group?


Loved this place! Went as a group of 9, some friends were new to paintball and some had previous experienced. The staff was very helpful and made sure everyone was educated about safety. We all enjoyed their choice of playing fields quite a bit. - Jordan Meader
I had my sons 16th birthday there. What a blast. Staff is fun, keeps ya moving and helps out. Worth every dollar! - Brian Moore

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